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Dealer Security is committed to enhancing automotive dealership security through live video monitoring, strengthening perimeter protection, and key management.

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Security Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

Dealer Security is a leading security integrator focused on live video surveillance and key management systems. Backed by IT specialists, our approach combines cutting-edge technology with real-time surveillance, ensuring comprehensive protection for dealership lots and physical assets.

Video Analytics

a. Video Monitoring
b. Verified Response
c. Voice Talk Down
d. Guard Services

Access Control

e. Fully Managed Outsourced Control
f. Hybrid Control
g. Remote Concierge
h. Remote Gate Control

Key Management

i. Enhanced Security and Accountability
j. Scalable Storage Options
k. Real-time Monitoring and Admission Control
l. Comprehensive Reporting
Dealer Security

Integrated security solutions from coast to coast

Why Choose Dealer Security?


Expert Integration

Dealer Security blends sophisticated IT knowledge with state-of-the-art security measures, designed to work seamlessly to ensure dealerships benefit from a streamlined and efficient security operation.


Advanced Technology

While utilizing the latest technology in surveillance and security, we are committed to ensuring our customers stay ahead of threats.


Industry-Specific Solutions

Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of auto dealerships, providing focused surveillance and key management systems that address your specific concerns.


Reliable Support

Our team isn’t just about technology; we’re about people too. Dealer Security provides responsive, knowledgeable support to ensure your security system operates flawlessly and all questions are answered promptly.


Live Monitoring Excellence

Our live video surveillance capabilities keep a vigilant eye on your assets. Potential security issues are identified and addressed promptly to minimize risk and safeguard your inventory.


Secure Investment

Our systems are designed to protect your inventory, as well as enhance the efficiency and operations of dealerships, ensuring a return on investment that extends beyond only asset protection.

Why KEYper MX?

KEYper Systems deliver top-tier electronic key management solutions for enhanced security and accountability. KEYper’s customizable cabinets hold 40-280 keys and can scale to manage 2,000+ keys. With KEYper standard web-integrated software, you can tailor access, monitor keys in real time, and create user or key activity reports. Know who took what key, when, and why!

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