Enterprise Grade, Standard

Our system uses enterprise-grade equipment to keep your system is running 24/7/365 without issue.  Enterprise-grade doesn’t have to break the bank either, with our extensive buying power we’re able to pass the saving onto you our client.  If there is however ever an issue, our industry-best warranty and service response times will ensure that your system is up and running with minimal down-time.


ACC Monitor

Video Analytics

Intelligent Cameras

Our cameras utilize built-in video analytics that allows us to capture the criminals, and not the wildlife.  Intelligent analytics gives the cameras the ability to distinguish between vehicles and people, helping you filter out the noise.  When you need to search for an incident, it's lightning fast, and when the monitoring company is watching your business, they can focus on what's important.

Camera Family

The Right Camera

For The Job

We have a wide range of cameras available to fit all your needs and requirements; this allows us to offer a number of coverage options to suit your budget.  With our automotive background we know exactly how your dealership operators and how best to protect it, focusing in on what’s important.
H4 Multisensor Angle Shot


Our engineers will design and provide you with a layout that is both efficient and effective in securing your dealership.  Our solution will not only protect against theft, but again external and internal fraud.


Police jurisdictions are now requiring verified response before they will dispatch for alarm calls, we not only provide that, but our monitoring station will guide the police directly to the criminal, helping eliminate the possibility of theft or damage.


We use industry-leading enterprise-grade equipment that won’t break the bank and ensures that your security system is always running.  In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, our support team is available coast-to-coast.


We utilize loud speakers to communicate, in real-time, with individuals on your site after business hours.  This simple and effective tool helps stops incidents before they become costly.


Our monitoring station operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; real people are watching and protecting your dealership around the clock.


We'll help eliminate fraudulent damage claims with high resolution drive thru cameras that will capture the state of the vehicle as it arrives for service.


KEYper is the most trusted, most secure and most integrated solution in the industry today.  Their patented technology will ensure that keys no longer go missing, and if they do, you'll know exactly who took them and how long ago.

We have a variety of solutions that are available to meet your need is, from small off-site lots, to mega-lots with thousands of keys, we have the machine for that.


The KEYper SCAN inventory system works directly your existing KEYper system to provide real-time accounting of inventory and control which individuals that have access to those vehicle keys.


KEYper GO takes the ease of KEYper to the next level with a mobile app; reserve keys, check the status of keys and notify co-workers all while on the move.

DMS Integration

Integrate your KEYper system with your DMS for fast and simple inventory management.

Emergency Key Mapping

Your KEYper system data including, key locations, is backed up to the cloud for simple and convenient access in the case of emergency or power loss.

Fleet Management

KEYper can help you control your entire fleet with fleet management features like; vehicle reservation, odometer tracking, checkout reason codes and more.

Dealer Plate Management

Your KEYper system can be setup to management your dealer-plates just like how it manages your keys.  Know who and why someone took the plate and for how long they've had it.

Label Printer & Labels

KEYper helps you simplify your inventory control process with the ability to print custom vehicle labels.  Labels can be printed with or without bar codes, bar codes can be used with your KEYper SCAN system.

Lot Location & Blocking

Locate vehicles quickly with KEYper's Lot Location feature; vehicle location information (location and zone) is logged with the key for the vehicle.  Lot Blocking alerts the user when a vehicle they need is blocked and by which vehicle(s), and then will provide the required key(s) on checkout.

Why KEYper MX?

  • Security: KEYper’s state-of-the-art security ensure that only authorized users can access the KEYper system. Customized users access takes that one step further by limiting which keys a user can have access to; in the event of an unauthorized key removal, a permanent log entry and notification is instantly sent out.
  • Convenience: Intuitive, easy-to-use web-base software allows you to not only manage the entire system, but quickly at a glance know which keys are out and by whom.  When checking keys out of the machine, the appropriate key is indicated by a flashing LED, helping eliminate frustration when trying to find a key.  In addition, when returning a key you can use any free location, again, indicated by flashing LEDs.
  • Productivity: Reduce downtime by no longer having to run around searching for keys, know exactly who and when someone took out a key.
  • Reports: KEYper offers a wide range of reports to help you run your business more effectively. In addition to knowing who and when keys were removed, you can also report on data like when and how much a model of a vehicle is out on test drives.
  • Accountability: KEYper provides a complete audit trail and reporting for your dealership’s keys. When users are accountable for keys, fewer keys are lost, which improves security and reduces costs.



Server Architecture

Industry Experts

Our team are industry experts, we will help you plan out your server infrastructure to ensure you have something to not only meet your needs but grow with your needs. In-house, colocation, cloud or hybrid, no matter what your needs are our team can create a solution for you and your team.

Network Architecture

Complete Solutions

From small remote offices to international networks, we have the expertise and experience to help you with your solution. We can help your team and your offices keep productive while keeping secure.



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