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Customized key management solutions for any dealership

Managing keys to vehicles and secured spaces is an ongoing process and one that, if not handled correctly, could put inventory and customer information at risk. Our key management systems provide solutions to solve key management problems, and dealerships of all sizes across Canada are increasingly adopting their use.

Key Management Solutions in Canada

KEYper is the most trusted, most secure, and most integrated solution in the industry today for managing keys. Their patented technology will ensure that keys are no longer misplaced, and if they do go missing, the system tracks exactly who took them and when, while providing updates or alerts where needed.

We have a variety of key management solutions that are available to meet dealership needs. From small, off-site lots to mega-lots with thousands of keys, there is a solution with KEYper.

Some of our key management solutions include the following:

  • KEYper Scan— The KEYper Scan inventory system works directly with any existing KEYper system to provide real-time accounting of inventory, while also providing the ability to control who has access to keys.
  • KEYper Go— KEYper Go takes the ease of KEYper to the next level with a mobile app to reserve keys, check the status of keys, and notify co-workers, all while on the move.
  • Emergency Key Mapping— KEYper system data, including key locations, is backed up to the cloud for simple and convenient access in the case of emergency or power loss.
  • Fleet Management— KEYper can help control entire fleets with fleet management features, including vehicle reservation, odometer tracking, checkout reason codes, and more.
  • Dealer Plate Management – Dealer Plate Management continuously tracks each plate, noting its holder and the duration of its use.
  • Label Printer and Labels—The inventory control process is simplified with custom vehicle labels that can include bar codes integrated with KEYper.
  • Lot Location and Blocking – Vehicle movement is made efficient with a system that alerts staff about blocked cars, while specifying the keys needed to move any vehicles involved in the blockage.

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