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Live video monitoring solutions to protect physical assets and dealerships

Security challenges encountered by dealerships have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past several years. These challenges include safety threats to the workforce, assets, information, and clientele, as well as theft and vandalism. A strong dealership monitoring system helps mitigate these risks while maintaining a consistently secure and integrated environment.


At Dealer Security, we recognize that each dealership possesses unique security needs. As specialists in providing comprehensive live video monitoring solutions, our team will provide solutions to ensure lot and car security and vital insights into the ongoing activities on dealership premises. Crafting an effective security monitoring strategy requires tailoring each system to address specific risks and vulnerabilities dependent on a dealership’s location, size, and operational characteristics. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in dealership monitoring and will ensure the consistent, efficient, and reliable protection of automotive dealerships. Whether it’s a large-scale enterprise or smaller, locally operated business, we will customize all live video monitoring plans to suit our customers’ needs. After all, we know dealerships.

Dealer Security offers a wide range of camera and security solutions to fit dealerships’ unique needs and allow for a variety of coverage options at competitive price points. With a broad range of camera options, our solutions prioritize accuracy with advanced video analytics that minimize false alarms, while aiding in the rapid identification of personnel, wildlife, activities, and potential threats around inventory or assets, and even in construction areas. Our swift retrieval system allows for rapid incident reviews, allowing our monitoring team to quickly address concerns and ensure utmost attention to the physical security of your dealership.

We provide the following for live video monitoring:

  • Intelligent Cameras – A wide range of enterprise-grade cameras for multiple applications, including AI for live talk-down and police dispatch, or only surveillance of specific areas
  • Lot Coverage— Engineers with dealership experience in designing surveillance layouts that are efficient and effective to enhance protection not only against theft but also external and internal fraud
  • Verified Response— Verified response, now required by most police jurisdictions, available through our monitoring solutions
  • Voice Talk Down— Live communication in real-time as a simple and effective tool for ongoing security coverage
  • Drive-Thru— High-resolution cameras to document each vehicle’s condition upon arrival, identifying any pre-existing damage before entering the service centre
  • Security Guard Response – Prompt dispatch of security guard to secure area in the event of an incident
  • Police Dispatch – Direct integration of monitoring station with police dispatch for quick response in the event of a crime in progress
  • Virtual Guard Service – Scheduled remote checks of cameras, enabling operators to regularly surveil and respond to incidents at a property

With a profound understanding of the automotive industry and its unique operational requirements, we at Dealer Security are well positioned to help protect your dealership from theft, loss, and liability with effective and proven monitoring solutions. As no comprehensive security system is complete without strategically placed and robust cameras that capture real-time events, we invite any inquiries regarding our strategies.

To speak with one of our seasoned professionals or to arrange a site assessment for your dealership, please do not hesitate to contact us.